Sunday, January 29, 2012

Abu Dhabi Golf with Giants

My friend Mary invited me to Abu Dhabi on Friday to watch the big Abu Dhabi golf tournament.  I got to see Tiger Woods, Rory, Mcilory, Luke MacDonald and the other greats play.  It was a nice day for walking around the course and we had a great lunch at the Westin Hotel.  We got in free because it was sponsored by HSBC and I'm a customer.  They also gave out free folding chairs, sunscreen and drinks so we could comfortably enjoy watching.

Rory (the US champ) and Daren (the Britsh champ) having a chat while warming up.
Tiger warming up.
KJ Choi kicking up some grass.
My friend Mary and her husband Brian. 
They were my golf guides for the day.

Now back at college, I've got a week to prepare for next semester and I think I have things organized well so I took a minute to take a couple of photos.

Our shiny new library opens this week with Pedro at the helm.
They are what we eat.
Found in our cafeteria.

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