Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another Chaine Dinner

I went to another Chaine dinner last weekend.  It was so good that I've decided to join. 
There are about six dinners per year. 

The menu for this dinner was really creative and delicious and it was held at the Danat hotel just down the road from my apartment.  We started with champagne cocktails and hors d'oeuvre on the patio.  The dinner started with foie gras and mushroom rissoto with ripe blueberries for an appetizer followed by a seafood chowder ala cappaccino.  The fish course was salmon but it was farmed so none us were too impressed with the taste or texture...I guess the desert has some limitations.  After cleansing our pallets with a green apple sorbet, the main course of rack of lamb with gnocchi and a carrot salsa was served. 

Desert was a white chocolate and milk chocolate mouse with a tart fruit compote.  Then....they brought out a plate of chocolate creations in the shape of the Dubai landscape.

I was seated with my friends Sharon and Serge as well as some really other people that I had met at the previous dinner.

Sharon is in the red and her husband, Serge, is between us.  Richard is on my left,
Linda and Rob and Mr. Ahmed made up our table.  There was a really good
Cuban band playing in the background all night.

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