Sunday, September 30, 2012


Had a pretty busy weekend.  I started out by getting my very first car wash here in the UAE.  A lot of people on campus pay the gardeners $25 a month and have their cars washed a few times a's very dusty here.  But this semester, they've laid off most of the gardeners and I haven't been able to track one down to start this great service.  So, off I went to the gas station.  It was quite the experience.  I went through the autowash and then I was told to drive to a bay where no less than six men jumped on my car with cloths and started buffing away like mad.  I was politely asked to leave the vehicle and they all jumped inside with cloths and vacuums.  This took about ten minutes in total and my car was totally cleaned.  All for the price of $7.  Of course the next day after playing majjong, I came outside to find that we were having the UAE equivalant of it raining after washing your car; a huge dust storm.  The jeep's all dusty again now but I'm going to take a walk around the campus today and find one of those gardeners.

It was also my friend Trevor's birthday so we went out for Italian at Casa Roma's in the Hilton for dinner.  Fantastic beef tenderloin!!!

The food was excellent and they even brought out a nice chocolate cake for Trevor.

On Saturday, Trevor and I went to Dubai to the GITEX which is a giant technology conference.  We saw displays on all kinds of new stuff.  I was very impressed with the 3D LG TVs

It was like I was in Rome again

We both bought tablets...I've spent the morning setting mine up and having fun.  It's soooo much better than the ipad and it will be great for traveling.   No more heavy netbook to lug around. 

After GITEX, we drove to Jamie Oliver's Italian for dinner....the food was quite good but ridiculously overpriced.  They also had a Jamie-look-alike running around wearing the same clothes and with the same hairstyle...I'm guessing it's so customers feel like they've actually gone to Jamie's but as cute as that was, I won't go back because of the price.  The chocolate brownie with raspberries and hazelnut icecream was a nice finish.

Finished up with a stop in at Ikea where I got a lovely summer duvet to snuggle under. 

Good weekend!

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Christine said...

Hope the tablet works out for you when you travel!!
I think if we had that service here for a car wash it would be around $150!!!!!!!