Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Natural History Society

Last night I went to my first Natural History Society meeting.  There are a lot of these clubs in town and I'm going to have fun trying a few out.  This one is a keeper I think as it's like having a 'live' National Geographic in my life.  The lecture was on the coral reefs of the UAE and how they're being impacted by things like the giant palm tree islands that have been built. 

They built this right on top of a coral reef and destroyed it.

In addition to the twice monthly lectures, there will be weekend excursions and day trips.  There was a trip to the local souk (market) last week but I missed it so I'm going to try and tour the souk on my own.  The club website is here.

There are quite a few clubs here so I'll have to try out some of them.  It'll be a good way to meet new people.  I was going to join the book club but it's on Thursday evenings (last work day of the week) so that might be too ambitious. 

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