Thursday, August 25, 2011

Internet hook up

I've just come from the internet company...the only internet company from the sounds of it and it was a bizzare experience.  There are no addresses on the houses so I was shown a map of the city and asked to point out my home.  Of course, the map looked completely different from my my idea of what the area looked like so my neighbor might be getting free internet when it gets connected in two weeks....I hope he doesn't do anything illegal on my account :)

For about $90 per month I got a TV package, telephone line and unlimited internet access....or my neighbor did.

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Lisa said...

Sounds like an another amazing adventure... when the simple tasks in life become guess work. Like when you discover yoo-ja cha does not make good jam and the bag of salt you just bought is really MSG. It makes you laugh in any case. Thanks for site it is interesting to read. Lisa Molnar