Sunday, January 29, 2012

Abu Dhabi Golf with Giants

My friend Mary invited me to Abu Dhabi on Friday to watch the big Abu Dhabi golf tournament.  I got to see Tiger Woods, Rory, Mcilory, Luke MacDonald and the other greats play.  It was a nice day for walking around the course and we had a great lunch at the Westin Hotel.  We got in free because it was sponsored by HSBC and I'm a customer.  They also gave out free folding chairs, sunscreen and drinks so we could comfortably enjoy watching.

Rory (the US champ) and Daren (the Britsh champ) having a chat while warming up.
Tiger warming up.
KJ Choi kicking up some grass.
My friend Mary and her husband Brian. 
They were my golf guides for the day.

Now back at college, I've got a week to prepare for next semester and I think I have things organized well so I took a minute to take a couple of photos.

Our shiny new library opens this week with Pedro at the helm.
They are what we eat.
Found in our cafeteria.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A random weekend

I realize that I haven't updated my blog since returning from Jordan so I remembered to bring my camera when I went out this weekend and take some pictures.

Thursday night, after spending all day proctoring exams, I went to the House Of Arts performance.  It was a selection of the teachers and top students performing clasical music.  I liked almost all of the music. 
A student and her teacher.  It's quite brave of this girl to get up, show her face in
public and perform like this.

Two of the teachers with amazing skills.  Their fingers were blurs.

This girl did a scene from Figaro that was fun and beautiful. 

Then on Saturday a group of friends and I went to an art gallery up in Abu Dhabi for lunch, a tour and an artsy workshop.

From right to left;
Diane, me, Christine, Liz and Elke
We made cyanotypes which are basically the technology behind blueprints.
We stuck a bunch of odd objects to a paper with chemicals painted on it and
then exposed it to the sun for a few minutes.  At the end we had bright blue and
white pictures. 

Liz is starting up her own jewelry busines and so she designs and makes custom jewelry for customers.  I ordered some pieces and she gave me a necklace and bracelet set.

She designed two necklaces for my nieces back in Canada.
I also got some new clothes at a good sale at Marks & Spensor so it was a good weekend.  Now I've got two weeks of exam proctoring and preparing for the next semester.  The coming semester will be better for me now that I've gotten a handle on how things work here.  That's the hope anyway :)