Sunday, October 7, 2012

I had another great Chaine dinner this past weekend and I finally joined as well.  It's not terribly expensive at $120 to join and another $120 per year in membership fees.  Each dinner is approximately $80 but this latest one was certainly worth it.

It was a selection of dishes from all the restaurants at the Danat hotel.  We started with champagne flavored by fruit and delicious hors d'Ĺ“uvres and then once seated had an appetizer of sushi from the Japanese restaurant at the hotel.  Having lived in Asia for so many years, I have to say that this particular course was good but not overly impressive.  Next came the marinated mushroom salad accompanied by a nice dry pino grigio.  This was a great mixture of tastes and the presentation was quite pretty.

Next came out the honey roasted pumpkin soup with chicken and lemongrass.  It was served in hollowed out pumpkins which was adorable and I was scraping the bottom of the pumpkin to get every last drop...very tasty.  We had a tandoori smoked salmon wrapped around a shrimp and placed ontop of a seafood tartlet for the fish course and I now want to go to the Indian restaurant because that course was also delicious. 

The poolside bar supplied us with kiwi sorbet in frozen martini glasses and this was the best sorbet I've had so far at the Chaine dinners.

Our main course of beef tenderloin, topped with veal was also fantastic but we were starting to get full at this point and had gone through four different wines.

Luckily I'm built nice and roomy so I could continue onto the dessert and coffee.

To finish off the meal, they brought out a chocolate sculpture with petit fours.  Sadly, we had to admit defeat and just nibble a little. 

It was great dinner and I'm looking forward to the next one in November although, I may have to stop eating the week of these dinners just so I don't explode.